Welcome to Mrs. Casey's Class!

Ideas for Learning at Home

*Be sure to use the page I sent home on Thursday and Friday with all of the websites, usernames, and passwords, and remember to login to the HMES technology page using Clever! :)

*Read for 20 minutes or more each day and get lost in a good book!
Use a plain sheet of paper to log your reading over your break.  It will be fun to see all of the reading you've been doing!

*Practice reading skills on SOL Pass, Raz-Kids, Tumblebooks (login is haymarketes/reads) Benchmark Universe, or any of the other websites on the HMES Technology page

*Use this website to read different poems:  
As you read, write the name of the poem down on a sheet of paper.  Who is the SPEAKER? Do you notice any RHYME or REPETITION?  How about IMAGERY or FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE?  How did the poem make you feel?

*Use this website for reading comprehension passages and questions for understanding.  On the left side under filters, choose "3rd grade" and then choose a passage.  These passages are all nonfiction.



*Have fun making books or poetry on Wixie!
*Write a letter to someone to be mailed.
*Write an email to me (Mrs. Casey) to let me know how you are doing.
*Write a journal to document your time away from school.
*Write a poem and illustrate it!

*Practice math skills on SOL Pass, Prodigy, XtraMath, or any of the other websites on the HMES Technology page

*Check out this website for fun geometry ideas
                               Image result for geometry plane shapes

*Practice geometry skills using the study guides located in the 3rd Grade Resources on our home page


Here is a link for the Polygon song we sang last week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69lfTURDles 

You can practice your multiplication facts with songs...we used the Threes songs from Multiplication Motivation https://www.google.com/search?q=multiplilcation+motivation+3

And we sang the 4's to "Happy Birthday"
the 6's to the tune of "YMCA"
Here is a cool link to a song for the 7's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwekMIqb55s
the 8's to the tune of "Jingle Bells"
and the 9 pattern trick

*Complete the ECOSYSTEMS project and email a pic of your project to Mrs. Casey.  I cannot wait to see it!

*Research more about your Endangered Animal.  You can make a PowerPoint or Wixie project about your animal.

*Start learning about the water cycle, renewable and non-renewable energy resources, and the layers and components of soil.

*Check out Discovery Ed or any of the other websites on the HMES Technology page.  Find cool videos to learn about ecosystems, animals, or anything else that looks interesting! 

*Check out this website for some food web ideas

*Use these StudyJams video clips from Scholastic.  Check out the ones on EcosystemsFood ChainsFood Webs, and Changes in Ecosystems. They are short and sweet and have lots of applicable information.  Watch the video clips twice and pause as you go through it because the information can be presented kind of fast.  Write facts about your learning in a notebook or on a sheet of paper.  Also, try the TEST YOURSELF feature.

StudyJams Ecosystems

Social Studies
*Explore the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, Mali, China, and Egypt.  *Watch videos on Discovery Ed or use National Geographic Kids.

Image result for third grade clipart


Our class Encore schedule is as follows:

Day 1:  Art
Day 2:  Music
Day 3:  P.E.
Day 4:  Drama
Day 5:  Library/Guidance
Day 6:  P.E.

When in doubt, wear tennis shoes. :)  As always, if we have a snow day, half day or early dismissal we resume the Encore schedule the day we return.  We never skip a day.  For example, if we are supposed to have Art and have a snow day, we will have Art the day we return.

Please send a water bottle with your student each day.  Also, please remember to only send in peanut and tree nut free classroom snacks with your student each day. We have several students with severe nut allergies in our classroom.

As always, I am thankful for all you do to help your student be successful each and every day!

:) Mrs. Casey