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  • A Parent's Guide to Section 504 in the Schools (February 16, 2021)
  • The Functional Behavioral Assessment and the Behavior Intervention Plan (FBA/BIP) (March 16, 2021)
  • AT from A to Z: A Look at Assistive Technology Supports in Prince William County Schools (April 20, 2021)

The Arc and PWCS - Parent Resource Center (Office of Special Education) Workshops.

What’s the Big Deal About Addictions? How to Identify and Help Kids with Addictions”  with James J. Christ, Ph.D. 

  • When: Friday, January 29, 2021 (10 - 11:30 a.m.)
  • Where: Virtual Meeting Via Zoom
  •  Since the pandemic, rates of addiction among all age groups have increased. The stress of online school, not seeing friends, and increased isolation makes it harder for many kids (and parents) to cope. Addictions can take many forms from substance addictions such as marijuana and alcohol, to behavioral addictions such as video games, social media, texting, and more. In this talk, Dr. James J. Crist, author of the recently released book, What’s the Big Deal about Addictions? Answers and Help for Teens, will address the prevalence of addictive disorders among kids, how to spot the signs of addiction, and strategies that can help kids and teens overcome their addictions. He’ll also address how parents can manage their own stress in dealing with the challenges of addiction. Dr. Crist is the Clinical Director of the Child and Family Counseling Center in Woodbridge, Virginia. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, he works with a wide variety of clients, including children, adolescents, adults, and families. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Williams College and his doctoral degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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  • Survey and Certificate will be sent via email after workshop. 

“Superpowers Activate! Embracing ADHD & Autism” with Dr. Joni Johnson

  • When: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 (7 - 8:30 p.m.)
  • Where: Virtual Meeting Via Zoom
  • You have searched the web to find out what is wrong with your child: he is socially awkward, in constant motion, and can’t seem to stay focused long enough to get anything accomplished. Surely it can’t be autism? Attend this presentation to learn that nothing is “wrong” with your child and everything that is “right” about autism and ADHD. Discover how these two labels are actually wonderful opportunities for greatness depending on how you think about them. Joni Johnson, MD, is a pediatrician and certified health and wellness coach with over 12 years of clinical experience supporting individuals with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, mood disorders, and behavior problems. In addition to being a physician, Dr. Joni is also an Army Colonel, author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and individual with Dyslexia and a Visual Convergence Insufficiency. As the owner of UnCharted Territory, LLC, Dr. Joni provides health consulting and empowerment coaching. 
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  • Survey and Certificate will be sent via email after workshop. 

“Managing the Angry Child” with Sonia Hinds

  • When: Friday February 19, 2021 (10 -11:30 a.m.)
  • Where: Virtual Meeting Via Zoom
  • Sonia Hinds, another favorite from the Circle of Support Conference, will return with Managing the Angry Child.
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  • Survey and Certificate will be sent via email after workshop.

Chair Yoga continues. All are welcome."

  • When: Every Wednesday through the end of March, 2021(10 -10:30 a.m.)
  • Where: Virtual Meeting Via Zoom
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What is the Parent Resource Center?

In operation since November 1992, the PWCS' Office of Special Education Parent Resource Center (PRC)'s mission is to assist parents and families of children with disabilities to become active participants in their child's education. Its goal is to promote a positive relationship between parents and educators.

The PRC provides information, lending library (PDF), and supports parents regarding the special education process in Prince William County, and will refer parents to appropriate resources in the Division and the community. PRC staff may not serve as advocates for parents in School Intervention, IEP, or Eligibility meetings or attend a Central Office Review, State Mediation, or Due Process Hearing. 

Please check the events page often for information that may be of interest to you. TTAC Online, their websites are listed on the Events page, has many resources.

The Parent Resource Center (PRC) can provide bilingual support for parents. If interested in receiving this support, contact the PRC by phone at 703-791-8846 or 703-791-7438. Please provide the following information:

  1. Name
  2. First Language
  3. Days/Times available for consultation, and
  4. Contact information (phone number and/or email address)

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